Friday, November 21, 2014

Academic Writing Job That Changed My Life for Better

So, the other day I decided to get an extra source of income. I made a cup of strong coffee and started Googling ‘academic writing jobs online' and 'academic writers needed'. A friend of my friend said she was doing some decent money as an academic writer. 'Finally, I can use something I learned in college' – I thought to myself.

My coffee was still warm when I came across this site promising to 'monetize my writing genius'. I had some serious doubts as to my genius, but monetizing it sounded attractive, so I decided to give it a try.

Creating an account didn't take me longer than 5 minutes.

At the first step I simply put in my personal info (it’s Test in this pic). The only difficult question was my time zone, but I chose 'Autodetect from browser' and it worked.

Then I pressed the 'Continue to personal information' link to go to the next step:

And I found myself on the next page. Here I set the number of hours I was going to spend on this academic writing job and my preferred subjects. I uploaded the files with my resume and my sample essay. I created a password and ticked the box 'I agree with Terms of Service'. To be honest, I didn’t read the page 'Terms of Service' in full. I started reading it, got bored and hit the 'Submit' button instead. But it’s only between you and me.

The next thing I saw was this 'thank you' page. I understood that it was not all. They promised to send me some further instructions. I sat back in my chair and started to dream about how I will spend the money I'll get from this academic writing job.

A couple of days later, I checked my mail and there was a message from Research Writing Center. They invited me to write an essay on global warming. I had only 12 hours to do it, so I started writing it immediately. It was my day off and I had enough time.

I sent my essay and waited anxiously for the reply. I had serious doubts as to the quality of my writing. After all, it was three years since I wrote my last paper in college and I thought my career as an academic writer was in the past, but it was a new beginning.

Soon I had a phone interview with a Support Representative (just a few questions). It was the last step between me and my academic writing job. And voila – I got access to the panel with available orders. My fingers were itching to take the first one and that’s what I did.

I wouldn't say it was too easy. I had a hard time collecting the info for my first project and it took some time to format my first papers. But it was worth it. At the end of the month, I had my first salary transfer on my bank account.

Some time later, I got to know that I can earn even more. There’s an interesting system of bonuses. As soon as I completed my 20th order, I was granted the status 2. It meant I could work on more than one order at a time and I received a $0.50 bonus per page. It was great news. It cleared out that there are 5 statuses, and every next status has its advantages.

So, I recommend these academic writing jobs at RWC to everyone who wants to make some decent money from the comfort of your home.